Nightbanes Wiki

There are eight Card Types in Nightbanes.

Vampire Lord[]

Your Vampire Lord is the leader of your army. He commands the creatures and sometimes supports them. If he is killed, you lose the game.


Creatures are your main force in Nightbanes. They attack the enemy Vampire Lord, and protect yours from enemy creatures.


Artifacts are objects of power that support your creatures in combat.

Vampiric Power[]

Vampiric Powers are abilities that your Vampire Lord can use in combat to assist your creatures.


Locations give a bonus to certain creatures that feel at home in those locations. They stay in the game until another location card is played.


Weapons are cards that can be given to creatures with a weapon slot. They usually increase the damage the creature deals, and provide additional abilities.


Armors are cards that can be given to creatures with an armors lot. They usually increase the health of your creature, and provide additional abilities.


Mounts protect your Vampire Lord from harm, and provide additional abilities.