Faction Set

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The following cards are cards of the Faction Set.

Card List[edit | edit source]

Image Name Cardtype
Masterful Dragonstaff.jpg Masterful Dragonstaff Weapon
Clochard.jpg Clochard Creature
Dark Fairy.jpg Dark Fairy Creature
Gothic Girl.jpg Gothic Girl Creature
Greater Bat Demon.jpg Greater Bat Demon Creature
Nosferatu.jpg Nosferatu Creature
Rat Familiar.jpg Rat Familiar Creature
Raven Familiar.jpg Raven Familiar Creature
Shadowfrost Demon.jpg Shadowfrost Demon Creature
Snakeskin.jpg Snakeskin Armor
Underground Blogger.jpg Underground Blogger Creature
Warg.jpg Warg Creature
Wolf Companion.jpg Wolf Companion Creature
Zombie Retainer.jpg Zombie Retainer Creature
Blood Doll.jpg Blood Doll Creature
Chainsaw Katana.jpg Chainsaw Katana Weapon
Ninja.jpg Ninja Creature
Underworld Bodyguard.jpg Underworld Bodyguard Creature
Nameless Terror.jpg Nameless Terror Creature
Mist Dragon.jpg Mist Dragon Creature
Inferno Sheep.jpg Inferno Sheep Creature
Allied Alien Hunter.jpg Allied Alien Hunter Creature
Xenobot.jpg Xenobot Creature