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The following cards are cards categorized as List of Creatures.

Card List[]

Image Name Race
Ghoul.jpg Ghoul Undead
Ghoul.jpg Ghoul Undead
Skeleton.jpg Skeleton Undead
Bat Demon.jpg Bat Demon Demonic
Zombie.jpg Zombie Undead
Skeleton Warrior.jpg Skeleton Warrior Undead
Crypt Spider.jpg Crypt Spider Abominable
Skeleton Berserker.jpg Skeleton Berserker Undead
Blood Surgeon.jpg Blood Surgeon Corrupted
Wild Boar.jpg Wild Boar Bestial
Bloodthirsty Wolf.jpg Bloodthirsty Wolf Bestial
Hyena.jpg Hyena Bestial
Velociraptor.jpg Velociraptor Bestial
Giant Rat.jpg Giant Rat Bestial
Ripperjoe.jpg Ripperjoe Abominable
Giant Serpent.jpg Giant Serpent Bestial
Sewer Zombie.jpg Sewer Zombie Undead
Undertaker.jpg Undertaker Corrupted
Hell Knight.jpg Hell Knight Demonic
Degenerate Werewolf.jpg Degenerate Werewolf Lycanthrope
Grim Reaper.jpg Grim Reaper Undead
Crypt Fiend.jpg Crypt Fiend Demonic
Hellcore Hound.jpg Hellcore Hound Demonic
32pxpx Test1 Race
32pxpx Name Race
32pxpx Test4 Race
Blood Maiden.jpg Blood Maiden Ethereal
Thrilling Werewolf.jpg Thrilling Werewolf Lycanthrope
Will-O-The-Wisp.jpg Will-O-The-Wisp Ethereal
Terror Bear.jpg Terror Bear Bestial
Werewolf.jpg Werewolf Lycanthrope
Sabretooth Tiger.jpg Sabretooth Tiger Bestial
Tainted Water Spirit.jpg Tainted Water Spirit Ethereal
Horrific Leeches.jpg Horrific Leeches Abominable
Electric Eel.jpg Electric Eel Abominable
Sewer Alligator.jpg Sewer Alligator Bestial
Monster Tentacle.jpg Monster Tentacle Abominable
Lich.jpg Lich Abominable
Waste Ghoul.jpg Waste Ghoul Undead
Bone Beast.jpg Bone Beast Undead
Specter.jpg Specter Ethereal
Dreadmane.jpg Dreadmane Demonic
Necromancer.jpg Necromancer Corrupted
Cryptkeeper.jpg Cryptkeeper Corrupted
Gargantuan Anaconda.jpg Gargantuan Anaconda Bestial
Gang Member.jpg Gang Member Corrupted
32pxpx Desecration Imp Race
32pxpx Lesser Devil Race
Firestorm Phoenix.jpg Firestorm Phoenix Righteous
Crypt Wight.jpg Crypt Wight Ethereal
Blood Knight.jpg Blood Knight Vampiric
Black Cat.jpg Black Cat Bestial
Living Tree.jpg Living Tree Righteous
Forest Spirit.jpg Forest Spirit Ethereal
The Critters.jpg The Critters Demonic
Insane Clown.jpg Insane Clown Corrupted
Toad Monster.jpg Toad Monster Abominable
Basilisk.jpg Basilisk Abominable
Cockatrice.jpg Cockatrice Abominable
Blood Gecko.jpg Blood Gecko Abominable
Lord of the Undead.jpg Lord Of The Undead Demonic
Swamp Lord.jpg Swamp Lord Abominable
Vermin Demon.jpg Vermin Demon Demonic
Void Spawn.jpg Void Spawn Ethereal
Bone Wall.jpg Bone Wall Undead
Rotworms.jpg Rotworms Abominable
Clochard.jpg Clochard Corrupted
Dark Fairy.jpg Dark Fairy Ethereal
Gothic Girl.jpg Gothic Girl Corrupted
Greater Bat Demon.jpg Greater Bat Demon Demonic
Nosferatu.jpg Nosferatu Vampiric
Sly Fox.jpg Sly Fox Bestial
Rat Familiar.jpg Rat Familiar Bestial
Raven Familiar.jpg Raven Familiar Bestial
Shadowfrost Demon.jpg Shadowfrost Demon Demonic
Underground Blogger.jpg Underground Blogger Corrupted
Warg.jpg Warg Bestial
Wolf Companion.jpg Wolf Companion Lycanthrope
Zombie Retainer.jpg Zombie Retainer Undead
Black Belt.jpg Black Belt Corrupted
Frogdog.jpg Frogdog Abominable
Pack Leader.jpg Pack Leader Lycanthrope
Zombie Hulk.jpg Zombie Hulk Undead
Brittle Skeleton.jpg Brittle Skeleton Undead
Golem.jpg Golem Abominable
Holographic Projection.jpg Holographic Projection Techno
Lurking Shadow.jpg Lurking Shadow Ethereal
Pestilence Rat.jpg Pestilence Rat Bestial
Blood Doll.jpg Blood Doll Corrupted
Ninja.jpg Ninja Corrupted
Underworld Bodyguard.jpg Underworld Bodyguard Corrupted
Newly-Turned Vampire.jpg Newly-Turned Vampire Vampiric
Manic Street Preacher.jpg Manic Street Preacher Righteous
Zombie Rocker.jpg Zombie Rocker Undead
Mafioso.jpg Mafioso Corrupted
Renegade Werewolf.jpg Renegade Werewolf Lycanthrope
Lady of the Night.jpg Lady of the Night Corrupted
Undercover Cop.jpg Undercover Cop Righteous
Martial Arts Student.jpg Martial Arts Student Righteous
Hitman.jpg Hitman Corrupted
Escaped Lunatic.jpg Escaped Lunatic Corrupted
Vampire Cheerleader.jpg Vampire Cheerleader Vampiric
Vampire Hunter.jpg Vampire Hunter Righteous
Damian Roy, Serial Killer.jpg Damian Roy, Serial Killer Corrupted
Dragonspawn.jpg Dragonspawn Draconic
Nameless Terror.jpg Nameless Terror Abominable
Mist Dragon.jpg Mist Dragon Draconic
Inferno Sheep.jpg Inferno Sheep Demonic
Allied Alien Hunter.jpg Allied Alien Hunter Xeno
Xenobot.jpg Xenobot Xeno
Terrorfax.jpg Terrorfax Xeno
Ruination Angel.jpg Ruination Angel Righteous
Oblivion Cultist.jpg Oblivion Cultist Corrupted
Nightmare Tentacle.jpg Nightmare Tentacle Abominable
Necro Vaca.jpg Necro Vaca Undead
Mind-Controlled Human.jpg Mind-Controlled Human Corrupted
Mind Poisoner.jpg Mind Poisoner Demonic
Flame Vampire.jpg Flame Vampire Vampiric
Farmer from Hell.jpg Farmer from Hell Corrupted
Dragonslayer.jpg Dragonslayer Righteous
Dragon Cultist.jpg Dragon Cultist Corrupted
Demonicow.jpg Demonicow Demonic
Crystalwyrm.jpg Crystalwyrm Draconic
Childe.jpg Childe Vampiric
Clyde the Exterminator.jpg Clyde the Exterminator Corrupted
Gargoyle.jpg Gargoyle Abominable
Huntress.jpg Huntress Lycanthrope
Apprentice Necromancer.jpg Apprentice Necromancer Corrupted
Art Thief.jpg Art Thief Corrupted
Black Market Dealer.jpg Black Market Dealer Corrupted
Blood Mage.jpg Blood Mage Corrupted
Bloodhound.jpg Bloodhound Bestial
Carnivorous Plant.jpg Carnivorous Plant Abominable
Chaos Dragon.jpg Chaos Dragon Draconic
Dominated Werewolf.jpg Dominated Werewolf Lycanthrope
Frenzied Werewolf.jpg Frenzied Werewolf Lycanthrope
Giant Armadillo.jpg Giant Armadillo Bestial
Glamored Servant.jpg Glamored Servant Corrupted
Illusionary Dragon.jpg Illusionary Dragon Draconic
Kelpie.jpg Kelpie Ethereal
Night Totem.jpg Night Totem Ethereal
Nightmare.jpg Nightmare Demonic
Pelt Collector.jpg Pelt Collector Vampiric
Pure Soul.jpg Pure Soul Righteous
Salamander Spirit.jpg Salamander Spirit Ethereal
Screecher.jpg Screecher Abominable
Spartan Warrior.jpg Spartan Warrior Righteous
Undead Rogue.jpg Undead Rogue Undead
Vampire Concubine.jpg Vampire Concubine Vampiric
Vampire Cheerio.jpg Vampire Cheerio Vampiric
Stable Master.jpg Stable Master Corrupted
Skyrider Drones.jpg Skyrider Drones Techno
Blood-Crazed Wolf.jpg Blood-Crazed Wolf Bestial
Bone Berserker.jpg Bone Berserker Undead
Bone Bulwark.jpg Bone Bulwark Undead
Callous Undertaker.jpg Callous Undertaker Corrupted
Doctor Blood.jpg Doctor Blood Corrupted
Elder Tree Spirit.jpg Elder Tree Spirit Righteous
Frost Specter.jpg Frost Specter Ethereal
Gargantuan Leeches.jpg Gargantuan Leeches Abominable
Giant Boar.jpg Giant Boar Bestial
Godfather.jpg Godfather Corrupted
Grand Lich.jpg Grand Lich Undead
Heart of the Forest.jpg Heart of the Forest Ethereal
Hell Champion.jpg Hell Champion Demonic
Hellcore Behemoth.jpg Hellcore Behemoth Demonic
Killer Werewolf.jpg Killer Werewolf Lycanthrope
Mystic Kelpie.jpg Mystic Kelpie Ethereal
Paragon of Blood.jpg Paragon of Blood Vampiric
Psycho Clown.jpg Psycho Clown Corrupted
Sewer Tentacles.jpg Sewer Tentacles Abominable
Skeleton Champion.jpg Skeleton Champion Undead
Sky Terror.jpg Sky Terror Demonic
Spartan Champion.jpg Spartan Champion Righteous
Voltaic Alligator.jpg Voltaic Alligator Abominable
Waste Specter.jpg Waste Specter Ethereal
Witch Cat.jpg Witch Cat Bestial
Radioactive Zombie.jpg Radioactive Zombie Undead
Toxic Mist.jpg Toxic Mist Ethereal