Nightbanes Wiki

The following cards are cards of the Miscellaneous Set.

Card List[]

Image Name Cardtype
Black Horse.jpg Black Horse Mount
Bowie Knife.jpg Bowie Knife Weapon
Brittle Skeleton.jpg Brittle Skeleton Creature
Bronze Ring.jpg Bronze Ring Artifact
Copper Ring.jpg Copper Ring Artifact
Dakota Jennings.jpg Dakota Jennings Vampire Lord
Dr Fürchtegott Rothstein.jpg Dr Fürchtegott Rothstein Vampire Lord
Golem.jpg Golem Creature
Holographic Projection.jpg Holographic Projection Creature
Lurking Shadow.jpg Lurking Shadow Creature
Pestilence Rat.jpg Pestilence Rat Creature
Rolando.jpg Rolando Vampire Lord
Sid the Vengeful.jpg Sid the Vengeful Vampire Lord