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The following cards are cards of the Oldtown Set.
You can obtain all of these cards in the Oldtown Booster!

Card List[]

Image Name Cardtype
Roy's Razors.jpg Roy's Razors Weapon
Newly-Turned Vampire.jpg Newly-Turned Vampire Creature
Manic Street Preacher.jpg Manic Street Preacher Creature
Zombie Rocker.jpg Zombie Rocker Creature
Gang Member.jpg Gang Member Creature
Mafioso.jpg Mafioso Creature
Firefighter Axe.jpg Firefighter Axe Weapon
German Assault Rifle.jpg German Assault Rifle Weapon
Trenchclub.jpg Trenchclub Weapon
Firefighter Jacket.jpg Firefighter Jacket Armor
Agonizing Acupuncture.jpg Agonizing Acupuncture Vampiric Power
Enhanced Sight.jpg Enhanced Sight Vampiric Power
Marked for Death.jpg Marked for Death Vampiric Power
Modern Warfare.jpg Modern Warfare Vampiric Power
Renegade Werewolf.jpg Renegade Werewolf Creature
Lady of the Night.jpg Lady of the Night Creature
Undercover Cop.jpg Undercover Cop Creature
Martial Arts Student.jpg Martial Arts Student Creature
Hitman.jpg Hitman Creature
Triblade.jpg Triblade Weapon
Crossbow Stingray.jpg Crossbow Stingray Weapon
Shadowstalker Colt.jpg Shadowstalker Colt Weapon
Plate Armor.jpg Plate Armor Armor
Battlesuit.jpg Battlesuit Armor
Lightning Belt.jpg Lightning Belt Artifact
Aikido Mastery.jpg Aikido Mastery Vampiric Power
Blessing of the Elders.jpg Blessing of the Elders Vampiric Power
Vile Swarm.jpg Vile Swarm Vampiric Power
Lucy Kang.jpg Lucy Kang Vampire Lord
Mei Ling.jpg Mei Ling Vampire Lord
Escaped Lunatic.jpg Escaped Lunatic Creature
Vampire Cheerleader.jpg Vampire Cheerleader Creature
Vampire Hunter.jpg Vampire Hunter Creature
Flamethrower.jpg Flamethrower Weapon
Reinforced Police Combat Gear.jpg Reinforced Police Combat Gear Armor
Crimson Ice Crystal.jpg Crimson Ice Crystal Artifact
Nightshades.jpg Nightshades Artifact
Hellfire Cycle.jpg Hellfire Cycle Mount
Create Illusion of Beauty.jpg Create Illusion of Beauty Vampiric Power
Damian Roy, Serial Killer.jpg Damian Roy, Serial Killer Creature
Hell's Bells.jpg Hell's Bells Artifact
Decapitator.jpg Decapitator Weapon