Nightbanes Wiki

The following cards are cards of the Reward Set.

Card List[]

Image Name Cardtype
Fang Necklace.jpg Fang Necklace Artifact
Bone Beast.jpg Bone Beast Creature
Helga Steinhausen.jpg Helga Steinhausen Vampire Lord
The Necronomicon.jpg The Necronomicon Artifact
Firestorm Phoenix.jpg Firestorm Phoenix Creature
Black Belt.jpg Black Belt Creature
Frogdog.jpg Frogdog Creature
Pack Leader.jpg Pack Leader Creature
Zombie Hulk.jpg Zombie Hulk Creature
Terrorfax.jpg Terrorfax Creature
Ruination Angel.jpg Ruination Angel Creature
Nightmare Tentacle.jpg Nightmare Tentacle Creature
Necro Vaca.jpg Necro Vaca Creature
Mind Poisoner.jpg Mind Poisoner Creature
Flame Vampire.jpg Flame Vampire Creature
Dragonslayer.jpg Dragonslayer Creature
Demonicow.jpg Demonicow Creature
Crystalwyrm.jpg Crystalwyrm Creature
Abyssal Fiend.jpg Abyssal Fiend Mount
Black Warg.jpg Black Warg Mount
Summoning Statue.jpg Summoning Statue Artifact
Steel Coffin.jpg Steel Coffin Artifact
Hydra Heads.jpg Hydra Heads Artifact
Flea Circus.jpg Flea Circus Artifact
Darkwolf Medallion.jpg Darkwolf Medallion Artifact
Crimson Death Chest.jpg Crimson Death Chest Armor
Elsbeth Vangoth.jpg Elsbeth Vangoth Vampire Lord
Delphine Dumont.jpg Delphine Dumont Vampire Lord
Papa Gambo.jpg Papa Gambo Vampire Lord
Victor Vangoth.jpg Victor Vangoth Vampire Lord
Jean Pierre Chevalier.jpg Jean Pierre Chevalier Vampire Lord
Pest Control.jpg Pest Control Vampiric Power
Death Chill.jpg Death Chill Vampiric Power
Divine Fire.jpg Divine Fire Vampiric Power
Apprentice Necromancer.jpg Apprentice Necromancer Creature
Art Thief.jpg Art Thief Creature
Black Market Dealer.jpg Black Market Dealer Creature
Blood Mage.jpg Blood Mage Creature
Bloodhound.jpg Bloodhound Creature
Carnivorous Plant.jpg Carnivorous Plant Creature
Chaos Dragon.jpg Chaos Dragon Creature
Dominated Werewolf.jpg Dominated Werewolf Creature
Frenzied Werewolf.jpg Frenzied Werewolf Creature
Giant Armadillo.jpg Giant Armadillo Creature
Glamored Servant.jpg Glamored Servant Creature
Illusionary Dragon.jpg Illusionary Dragon Creature
Kelpie.jpg Kelpie Creature
Night Totem.jpg Night Totem Creature
Nightmare.jpg Nightmare Creature
Pelt Collector.jpg Pelt Collector Creature
Pure Soul.jpg Pure Soul Creature
Salamander Spirit.jpg Salamander Spirit Creature
Screecher.jpg Screecher Creature
Spartan Warrior.jpg Spartan Warrior Creature
Undead Rogue.jpg Undead Rogue Creature
Vampire Concubine.jpg Vampire Concubine Creature
Vampire Cheerio.jpg Vampire Cheerio Creature
Stable Master.jpg Stable Master Creature
Skyrider Drones.jpg Skyrider Drones Creature
Phoenix Armor.jpg Phoenix Armor Armor
Pendant of Soulmending.jpg Pendant of Soulmending Artifact
Seal of the Archon.jpg Seal of the Archon Artifact
Seal of the Justicar.jpg Seal of the Justicar Artifact