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Scourges are the opponents you face during Quests and Raids. They are beings that stand in your way of power, therefore you shall destroy them.
Defeating Scourges will always reward you with Faction Points in the region as well as Experience and Blood Pearls. You will also get a Reward for finishing a Quest of defeating them multiple times, and you will often have a chance to gain Loot from them as well.

Gain[edit | edit source]

You always gain something from defeating Scourges.

Standard[edit | edit source]

You will always receive Faction Points, Experience and Blood Pearls for defeating Scourges. How much and how many differs from Scourge to Scourge.

Reward[edit | edit source]

On most Scourges on level 1 and 2 you will obtain one or 2 Cards when you finish the quest. These are most frequently Creature or Weapon Cards. They are usually common or uncommon cards. On Level 3 you will receive Blood Rubies the first time you complete the Quest.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Most Scourges also drop Loot, like Osdraconis. Loot Set cards can only be obtained through this method. Most looted cards are rare or uncommon. Loot cards have a random chance of dropping from a defeated oppoent. Loot can only be aquired from Scourges level 2 or higher, or from Special Scourges.
Note that you can have several Loot drops at once (like a Graveyard and a Bonewall from Bone Lord).

Special Scourges[edit | edit source]

These Scourges are rarer, and harder to defeat than normal scourges. They usually require you to build a Deck specifically to defeat them.

Last Boss[edit | edit source]

The Last Boss of a Region is a powerful Scourge and the last one you need to defeat to advance to the next region.

Epic Boss[edit | edit source]

Epic Bosses are extremly powerful Scourges that you can only face after beating the Last Boss Quest of a Region on the hardest difficulty. They will Reward you with a powerful card, and can drop a Location Card and another Rare card as loot! They are extremely difficult to beat, and will require you to build a deck specialized in defeating them.

Raid Boss[edit | edit source]

Main article: Guild Raid

Raid Bosses are even more extremely powerful Scourges that you can only face if you are in a Guild and have reached at least Level 10. To accomplish the Quest, a Raidboss has to be defeated 100 times, and as each player can only attack 13 times, you need at least 8 players in the guild to defeat them.