Nightbanes Wiki

Everything that happens during your Turn happens in a specific order. To use your cards to their best ability, it it important that you understand what this order is.

  • The First thing that may happen is an instant effect. This is either a Vampiric Power card's abilities, your Vampire Lord's Dark Gift, or an "on entering play" effect on a Creature you played this turn.
  • After that your Vampire Lord's passive abilities may activate, and then your Mount's.
  • Next is your Location, if you have one in play, followed by your Artifacts starting from the left.
  • At the end each of your creatures activate, starting from the left. First they will use their own ablities, followed by those of their Weapons and Armors in order of last played goes first, and lastly your creature will attack.
  • After your last creature finishes it's turn, all of your inactive creatures will gain one bloodlust.