Vampire Lord

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Vampire Lords are a type of Card in Nightbanes. A Vampire Lord is the leader of your Deck. Your Vampire Lord can normally only be attacked by enemy creatures, that are not blocked by one of your creatures.

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Health[edit | edit source]

A Vampire Lord's Health can range from 7 to 16. If your Vampire Lord's health is reduced to 0, you lose the game. Your Vampire Lord's health can only be regenerated through the Recuperation ability. Aside from creature's attacks, Vampire Lords can be harmed through the Diableria ability.

Dark Gift[edit | edit source]

The Dark Gift is a Vampire Lord's unique power. It can only be used once in a game (unless you use the Attunement Ability).

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Additionally to the Dark Gift, a Vampire Lord can have up to two Abilities, that work like creatures' abilities and are used at the beginning of each turn.